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Responsive Design

Nobody wants a non-responsive site, nor should they. Google has stopped displaying search results for sites that aren’t optimized for responsive viewing. The unfortunate ones who stumble on non-responsive sites while using a phone will curse the need to zoom and scroll endlessly through the page.

All my sites are designed to have an elegant collapse and display for any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The viewing space is optimized for portrait or landscape viewing at any resolution. Further, all my sites have been tested on all available browser types or operating systems.

Resize your window to see how the sample content below is transformed to fit any window size. If you are using a phone or tablet, rotate your device to see the difference between portrait and landscape views.

sample image sample image sample image sample image


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About Me

Who am I...?

Myself, I’m a native north-westerner who has made Seattle my home for the past ten years. If I’m not building websites, you can find me somewhere outside or perhaps wedding planning as of late.

I’ve received a broad foundation for web design at Seattle Central College. My current ambition is to build solid, efficient coding practices. Further, there is an increasingly important focus on user research including sound logic of information architecture and interaction design.

But enough about me, how can I help you?



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