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Understanding your audience has gained a new definition with a new wave of digital media. The way we get information has been compacted in to the icons on the screens of our phones. We expect the user to understand the graphics and symbology without an instruction manual. How do we empower the user to read webpages with confidence and a sense of ease?

We have to understand that user’s step-by-step path with interacting with the site. A powerful tool in re-designing a website, User Research gives us the perspective of what aspects are good and what aspects need to be changed. Have a look at a user research project a group of us conducted for the PCC Natural Markets Website.

Please note that since the research project was performed, PCC has re-designed their website. It looks really nice.

Below is a recorded session of a participant study. The participant was given several tasks outlined in the Usability Test. You can hear him narrating his thought process throughout the study.

While the participant completed the tasks, I was observing the aspects in navigation that worked well and the pressure points where the process got tangled up.

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