Left Aligned Design for Web and UX

The Project Scope

All aspects of a project have an effect on the rest, so for the end result to be acceptable, we need to make all aspects of the site complimentary. It begins with a strong foundation of site purpose of information to include. It is carried by logical information architecture and interaction design. It is polished with an appropriate visual aestheitic. And it is implemented with concise and effective coding.

With each of these aspects in mind, I will create staging areas that are available for the client to browse and for both of us to collectively develop each step in the process. Click on the image below to see and example of a staging area.

left-aligned staging area

About Me

Who am I...?

Myself, I’m a native north-westerner who has made Seattle my home for the past ten years. If I’m not building websites, you can find me somewhere outside or perhaps wedding planning as of late.

I’ve received a broad foundation for web design at Seattle Central College. My current ambition is to build solid, efficient coding practices. Further, there is an increasingly important focus on user research including sound logic of information architecture and interaction design.

But enough about me, how can I help you?



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