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Alex Fry Portfolio Piece


work in progress

Let the Artist Do the Work

I was fortunate to have met Alex. For me, new to coding, highlighting his work made it easy to concentrate on core functions of website design. Often when folks see the word ’design‘, they might imagine an artistic flair from the designer. But this project is a good example of how website design is meant to curate a client’s work or concept, not impose the designer’s own identity. Alex’s work with pen and ink makes for a simple brand, only black and white with lots of space between words and images. Josefin Sans is becoming a consistent font for my work, and it sits well in this project with lots of line spacing.




All of my sites are written with HTML5 and CSS3 as a standard. I have a particular interest in the structure defined by HTML5. With the introduction of ‘main’, ‘article’, ‘section’, and ‘aside’ tags, the outline of the site is far more visible to search engines. The outline of the site is a key factor for the rating at which search engines display results. Using these HTML5 tags along with a logical progression of heading tags will improve the site’s search engine optimization.

CSS3 has done a good job with creating many of the visual effects of a site that had previously required Javascript or jQuery to accomplish. Smooth transitions and transformations allow better visual cues for the user. I look forward to developing more CSS3 functions for future projects.

responsive design

Responsive Design

Nobody wants a non-responsive site, nor should they. Google has stopped displaying search results for sites that aren’t optimized for responsive viewing. The unfortunate ones who stumble on non-responsive sites while using a phone will curse the need to zoom and scroll endlessly through the page.

All my sites are designed to have an elegant collapse and display for any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The viewing space is optimized for portrait or landscape viewing at any resolution. Further, all my sites have been tested on all available browser types or operating systems.

Popup Gallery

The popup gallery that I use is a plug-in provided by Magnific-Popup. It is a Javascript based function that allows a neat display of images as an overlay in the foreground of the website. While my portfolio projects have a popup display to fit the user’s screen width, there are options to toggle the view to fit horizontally, vertically, or to the actual pixel size. Whether for single images, or multi-page displays, Magnific-Popup provides a friendly solution to viewing full size images on a website.

About Me

Who am I...?

Myself, I’m a native north-westerner who has made Seattle my home for the past ten years. If I’m not building websites, you can find me somewhere outside or perhaps wedding planning as of late.

I’ve received a broad foundation for web design at Seattle Central College. My current ambition is to build solid, efficient coding practices. Further, there is an increasingly important focus on user research including sound logic of information architecture and interaction design.

But enough about me, how can I help you?



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